Initial commit

Back | May 18, 2019 Reading time: ~1 min

Hello. 👋

I've started a blog. For the 7th time.

I think we all have strong perceptions of who we want to be, and those perceptions rarely match reality. Writing is a good skill to acquire and I've wanted to do so for the longest time, but I never dedicate time to it — and whenever I do, I usually end up deleting my half-done scribbles.

Obviously, the only way to get better at something is to do it. I've tried blogging before, but I always want to cover too many topics, and my blog always ends up feeling unstructured, so I nuke it.

This time I will try to do something a bit different. I'll have three categories of writings on my blog:

Anyway. I suppose we will see if I can keep this blog alive. I hope my writing wasn't too bad this time around.