Who I am

My name is Oliver.

I'm a 22 year old self-taught programmer with 10 years of experience in web development. I wrote my first line of code at age 11 and got hired as a junior developer when I was 12.

Problem solving is what I enjoy the most, and I try to learn a new concept or language as often as possible.

I have a strong sense of business and I understand how to work in an environment with changing needs.

I am a very vocal individual. I enjoy participating in decision-making processes and brainstorming activities.

What I do

My expertise is the planning, architectural design and production of

Web applications that are maintainable and scale according to needs

Automation tools that ease menial tasks

Developer tools that make your life easier

What I've done

I'm located in Copenhagen, Denmark, but my work is international. This work includes:

Aragon Project (2017 — 2018)

I was one of the earliest members of the Aragon Project. I helped shape aragonOS and I built developer tools and libraries, primarily Aragon.js and Radspec.

Bilagscan (2016 — 2017)

I was one of the earliest employees in this Danish startup that is trying to combat paper vouchers. You simply snap a photo of your voucher and the system mines it for data using OCR and tries to add it to your bookkeeping using machine learning.

Noak (2015 — 2018)

A two-man web agency I started with my friend Jonas. We created and maintained websites for a number of clients.

Pandisign (2011 — 2014)

One of my first experiences working with web development professionally was at Pandisign (now Pandiweb), a web agency that creates websites for a number of different clients, as well as some in-house projects.

What I've tinkered with

Additionally I also frequently learn new things. Some of these result in pet projects, such as:

foton Rust Computer Graphics

A small naïve implementation of a ray tracer written in Rust. In this project I wanted to explore computer graphics and sharpen my math knowledge.

Daolist Rust JavaScript Ethereum

A small website to show some statistics about Aragon DAOs on the Ethereum mainnet. I plan to expand upon this site some day.

I created this project primarily to keep my ops-related skills fresh, and also to explore some specific patterns in Rust.

Let's get in touch

Let's have a commitment free conversation about your needs.

I am fluent in

I am comfortable in

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Shoot me an e-mail at work@notbjerg.me.